2008 Mum Ball

Over 400 donors and physicians celebrated the Martin Memorial Foundation’s silver anniversary at the 14th annual Chrysanthemum Ball on November 1. The glittering gala, hosted at the Stuart Jet Center, has raised over $8.5 million for life-saving care at our community hospital – $1million from this year’s event. Fitting with the 25th Anniversary theme, patrons enjoyed shimmering silver surroundings as mirrored statues came alive atop tables and danced with the crowd. $500,000 of the funds raised bought a new digital mammography unit – the third at Martin Memorial – giving women advanced technology to detect breast cancer. To celebrate this special year, Chair Bonnie Johnston, Vice-Chair Suzanne Kissling and the Mum Ball Committee also established a $500,000 Chrysanthemum Ball Endowment Fund, which will fund projects for the next generation of patient care. Thanks to the many donors who made a winning investment in Martin Memorial, the Mum Ball helped give our community healthcare we can all celebrate.