CPR Classes

From the arrival times to the departure times, operating an airport commands precision. Yet as important as time is to the passengers, pilots and personnel, Stuart Jet Center understands that in some moments, every tick of the clock is precious.
Especially moments when life itself depends on seconds.  
That’s why the Stuart Jet Center invited the Martin County chapter of the American Red Cross to train 20 of its employees in CPR and other life-saving treatments.
"That’s a lot of people to have first-aid trained, very commendable,” said Jim Hagen, director of health, safety and community services for the local chapter of the Red Cross.
The Jet Center’s customer service representatives and line-service personnel
already undergo extensive training to best perform the tasks that tend to passengers’ travel needs.
"Training your staff in customer service techniques is good for business, but it’s also expected,” said Dan Capen, president of Stuart Jet Center. "Training your staff to save a life is good for the passengers, and it goes beyond expectations—something we strive for all the time.”
With season soon here and business sure to increase, Jet Center employees, already equipped with a defibrillator, learned how to respond to heart attacks, strokes, diabetes, seizures and a host of other health emergencies.
"They’re basically being trained as citizen responders,” said Hagen. "When there’s an incident, they need to be able to recognize it… and maybe even deal with the whole situation. It’s all about time.”