About the Area

Stuart is located on Florida's East Coast, which borders the St. Lucie River and west of the Indian River. The climate is pleasant with mild winters and warm summers. Stuart is famous for sailfishing and all other types of sport fishing; in fact, Stuart is nicknamed "The Sailfish Capital of the World."

You can enjoy ocean, river, bay and fresh water fishing. The North and South forks of the St. Lucie River are tropical wonderlands for cruises. Stuart has quaint older neighborhoods in the downtown area. There is a mixture of town homes and condominiums. Stuart's successful revitalization program has given the downtown area a pleasant ambiance, lined with shops and restaurants.
At the present time Stuart is a growing community, annexing new properties north and south of the city. Revitalization is in progress in the Potsdam section of the downtown area as well as north of the new Roosevelt Bridge.
The new Roosevelt Bridge was completed in 1996, and the Department of Transport-
ation is now reconstructing the Evans Crary Bridge,which leads to Stuart's public beaches.
Stuart is proud of its latest project, the Southpoint Anchorage which consists of a managed mooring field with 69 permanent mooring buoys, a harbormaster's facility featuring a ship's store, day lounge rest rooms, bathing facilities and a laundromat. The entire operation is supervised by the City's harbormaster. In addition to being a great place to stop over or as a first class destination for boating week-enders, this anchorage will play a crucial role in helping clean up the St. Lucie River Estuary.

The city maintains several large parks and also small street end parks. There are two Recreation centers for club meetings, youth activities, Senior Citizens programs and entertainment programs. The main Recreation Department and Park are located on the St. Lucie River, as is City Hall. Another major passive park is also located on the south bank of the St. Lucie River with a fish walk and boat dock for the public.
Images are courtesy of the Official Martin County Tourism Site/Martin County Convention & Visitors Bureau and the Stuart/Martin County Chamber.